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  • I love the design of Leaf.

    But this is the weirdest thing I’ve every encountered. I’ve got 3 posts on my site, which do show up in the slider. But there is nothing showing up under the slider, similar to your demo ( where you’ve got sections like “featured”, “space” “tech” “more”.

    How do I get articles to show up on the home page in this area under the slider and how do I set which categories they would be, placement, etc? I’ve searched through theme options and various other places and can’t seem to find it, even though with most themes, this has never been a problem.

    my web site is at

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  • Oh wait, I think I discovered the solution. I created a “Featured” category for the slider. And made sure I had one article categorized as featured, and the rest as “politics” and sure enough this allowed the politics articles to show up.

    Theme Author bradthomas127


    This theme is a little hard to understand for new sites, once you start making more post it will fill up your home page. Looks like you are filling it up now. For more help with the theme go to Leaf options and in the top-right hand corner click on the help tab.

    I like the design of this theme, however, it is difficult to figure out.

    It only populates with one blog post below the slider. I am sure that there is a reason for this and I will figure it out but already I have spent 30 minutes on this one task.

    Currently I have 10 articles selected for the “more articles” option and all my categories are selected but still only one “more articles” displayed below the slider.

    Also it would be great if there were options to change the font or font size. I realize this can be down with custom code but some of us aren’t too savvy.

    Hi this is driving me a bit bonkers. I have a post under a category called Motorcycle Rides. When I click categories it shows up. I have motorcycle rides listed as one of the home page categories and for some reason it doesn’t show up. If I change another article to Motorcycle rides it does show up. If I copy the visual text into a new article it does the same thing and does not show up. Help.

    @bfit @pastramibiker Please open your own topic and write your URLs, you’ll get more chance for help. Your issues seems similar but most probably they aren’t.
    If you think it’s the same, then you already have the right answer.


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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