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    I have gone through all of the steps at and I put my feedburner feed address in the “redirect my feeds here” box in the feedburner configuration in my plugins.

    I didn’t put anything in the redirect comments feed box because I saw nothing about that at I don’t know if I need to put anything there.

    Also when you click the RSS feed logo in the url bar it shows up with two RSS feeds, I don’t know why or how to fix that.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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  • the feedburner plugin takes ALL your RSS posts feeds and redirects them to the feedburner one. so if your readers are subscribed to the RSS2 feed, they’ll be forwarded to the feedburner one.

    if you’d like to put your feedburner address into your theme, open up the header.php file and look for something that mentions the RSS feed, and throw the url in there.

    I have discovered that my real problem is that my feeds ‘do not validate’ when I was troubleshooting at I posted my question to the feedburner help group at google 14 hours ago and still have not received any replies. I don’t know at all how to solve this issue.

    This is the problem as I stated on the google board:
    Neither of my feeds (original or feedburner) will validate. These are
    the problems, first with the original and second with the feedburner.
    I have attempted to fix them but it won’t let me so I don’t understand
    what I need to do to fix these problems.

    ***For the original feed these are the errors:

    This feed does not validate.

    * line 2, column 0: Missing trailing slash in mediaRSS namespace

    <rss version=’2.0′ xmlns:media=’

    In addition, interoperability with the widest range of feed readers
    could be improved by implementing the following recommendation.

    *line 8, column 1: Missing atom:link with rel=”self” [help]


    Line 2: # <rss version=’2.0′ xmlns:media=’

    Line 8: </channel>

    ***For the feedburner errors:

    *line 2, column 190: Missing trailing slash in mediaRSS namespace

    xmlns:media=”http://search. …


    Line 2: <?xml-stylesheet type=”text/xsl” media=”screen” href=”/~d/
    styles/rss2full.xsl”?><?xml-stylesheet type=”text/css” media=”screen”
    xmlns:media=”” version=”2.0″>

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