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    I have a wordpress blog that i have had our dev techs look at and still they cannot figure out what is wrong.

    I am not certain if maybe the install was incorrect. We have good techs in our company but they are just not familiar with WordPress and it’s idiosyncrasies. I have good techs, but I am not leaving any option open.

    when I make categories, and then try to post to that category, it only posts as a new post on the main home page and never shows up in the category I chose.

    I am looking for a good word tech that can spot and fix my problem. I will pay for your time. I have put out a notice to Paid tech support but it looks like people wait a while for that. Where are all the techs?

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  • I must not be understanding. I see all your posts and in their respective categories. Do you have an example?


    I made a category called wakeboarding and it did not show up as category or sub-category.

    I made a category called stuff and a sub category called wakeboarding. I only have wakeboarding checked but maybe i have to have wakeboarding and the main cat checked?

    It seems like I have all kinds of posts and they are not showing up where they should be. For example, I have 5 stuff postings and it only shows up only one item.

    Ok, so when I made the post in a sub category, I had to check both the category and the sub and it shows up. I will test it again. Maybe that was it. I do not think so but that would be cool.
    Fourm therapy….that is what I needed….

    I guess I am talking to myself. I cannot get the sub categories to show up and for the navigation to show up on the posted pages for navigation. Very strange, anyone?

    I don’t understand your problem. All your posts are showing when you click on the ‘stuff’ category. What is that link that you gave? Its just a link to a page you created. Pages don’t have categories, only posts have categories.

    Looks like there may be some confusion between posts and pages.

    Pages don’t display posts. They are meant as building blocks for the main pages of the site.

    Your posts will all show up in the actual category and archive pages + the main index page if your options are set this way. You can customize the look of each category page using templates but this is something you will need to read about and implement.

    I apologize if I’m wrong but I’m still a bit confused about your problem also. I note all categories and sub categories in the side bar with all posts placed properly.

    I assume, then, with pages named like categories and the mention of pages not displaying posts or sub categories that there is confusion on how this is supposed to work.

    I think I figured it out. Ok one more question that I will post here that is related. How do you get your home page to only have the latest 3-5 posts on it so it does not have to load for ever?

    in your admin, go to settings (or options, depending on what version of wp you have) then go to ‘reading’ and you will see a setting for how many posts to show on your home page or blog page.

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