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  1. wellofdreams
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I've just upgraded to 2.0. However, when I write a post and hit publish, I have a problem -

    The post publishes, in that I can access it through a direct url - http://canny-cat.com/?p=129

    However, it does not show up on my main page, where all posts are listed - http://canny-cat.com

    The date stamp is correct. It is definately listed under a category (although presumabley that shouldn't matter)

    ALSO it takes out all my formatting, inserts tags etc, which throws out my CSS and indenting and so forth. Is there a way to have the editor as in 1.5; just a regular text-box, without converting img tags to ineditable images etc? I realise you can choose to edit it by HTML, but I didn't have to do that with 1.5.3; it would be a bit of a step backwards imho, and would take me twice as long to write a post.

    ALSO it's not converting my :smilie: tags to my images, even though my vars file is still present, and the 'Convert emoticons like :-) and :-P to graphics on display' IS checked.

    ALSO my images aren't uploading to the usual wp-content folder, so I can't find them. There's no 'upload' tab to change this value at.

    All in all I'm terribley dissappointed with 2.0 - it's incredibly difficult to use - and if I can't resolve these issues I'll probably go back to 1.5.3.

  2. juliano
    Posted 10 years ago #

    This thread appears to be a duplicate of another thread.


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