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    I just started using WordPress on my website. I have had a site for a very long time now, just custom coded in HTML. I finally got frustrated with no system of organizing my posts. I downloaded and installed wordpress the other day and followed all install instructions as outlined on this site. One example of my issue is … I have posted a few posts with a specific category assigned to each of the posts. When I then go over to the category list on my side-bar, and look at the category “Holidays” it says there are two posts under there. However, when I click on that category, it only bring up one of the posts, not two.

    Main Blog URL:
    Category: Holidays (2)

    Posting #1: (shows up properly)

    Posting #2: (doesn’t show up)

    The second posting is the one that is not showing up under the category listing. Any ideas as to why? I also seem to have a problem with this posting and searching on the word “Thanksgiving”. It won’t come up when I search on anything in that posting either.

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  • Ok, it looks like this has something to do with the “Show at most # posts/days” setting under the options. My issue is, I would expect that if it says there are 2 posts matching that category, that it would show both if I select is under the categories, but retain the # of posts/days setting when browsing the blog normally, not going through categories.

    It also seems to have an effect on the search engine. If I have it set to only show 1 post at a time or 1 day at a time, it won’t even display more than 1 article when I do a search. I’d think that a search would just yield any/all results for what was typed in. My main concern is that if I set it to say Show 30 Days, and on day 31, i put a post, none of the other posts are going to show up properly or return in the search results.

    It doesn not have an effect on “search engines”.
    It has an effect on your internal search results!

    And yes, all this has to do with your settings of number of posts shown. If you set it to 1 (one) – as it seems to be the case – that applies to ALL your views: main/index, archives (e.g. category and monthly archives), search result etc.

    Use a plugin:

    And for the future: do not YELL in your title – all caps are considered yelling on the web…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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