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  • donal


    I’ve inherited a site which runs on Yahoo Small Business hosting. They don’t allow upload of .htaccess file but I didn’t know this.

    I tried to use nicer permalinks and move the site to root. I then uploaded a .htaccess file as none was created but the permalinks weren’t working. I then noticed my .htaccess file was no longer online which is when I found out that Yahoo don’t allow them. I have reverted to original settings except now posts don’t show e.g. here. Pages work fine but posts on their own don’t work. Posts can be viewed when on the home page.

    I hope to move this off Yahoo which seems to be quite expensive for what they offer. On top of that, they are not WordPress-friendly. In advance of that, any help appreciated!


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  • donal


    I tried adding in the .htaccess file on the /wordpress folder but noticed that Yahoo actually block uploading of .htaccess completely so I could never have modified anything with my previous .htaccess file.

    So what has probably caused my issue is changing the following in index.php when I moved it to root according to these instructions.

    Change the following and save the file. Change the line that says:
    to the following, using your directory name for the WordPress core files:

    I subsequently reverted this back to the original setting but individual posts are showing as blank pages.

    Any ideas?



    Right, found out what I did. Had been trying something else a few days before and thought I had undone my changes there.

    I had an unclosed call to get sidebar: <?php get_sidebar(); ?> on single.php. I noticed where the error could be thanks to reading the Template Hierarchy. This will tell you what files to check depending on what is not showing up properly.

    Now, time to upgrade to 2.9.1.

    I still don’t like Yahoo hosting as it doesn’t seem to be possible to have nice permalinks.

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