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  • I just imported all of my posts from Blogger into my new WordPress site (using the Blogger Import tool), and I’m having serious issues getting my posts to format correctly.

    It seems as though several, not all, of my blog posts won’t “publish” in the same format as I have in the post editor. I’ll set the spacing how I want it but when I publish the post, then view it on my site, the spacing is messed up. I’d be fine doing individual posts and adding in line breaks, but I have almost 700 posts and don’t want to do them all separately.

    Here is an example of what I’m talking about:

    (There should be a line space between every small paragraph in that post)

    Also, my image captions seem to have been messed up during the import- there are dotted lines going all around the image and caption, and in editing one post the other night, I couldn’t seem to get them to look right.

    Could deactivated plugins still be affecting the layout? I’ve deactivated any plugins I’m not currently using, and switched back and forth to the Twenty Twelve theme to see if it was my theme (using Adelle now- I don’t think that’s the issue).

    If anyone can provide some help, I would GREATLY appreciate it. This has been more troublesome than just using Blogger. Thank you in advance!

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