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  • Hi – hoping someone can help me with my site

    I have started with an issue today with posts and articles not appearing under the categories navigable via the nav across the top. The secondary menu categories should lead readers into articles laid out in a list but that page is now showing with a 404 error

    I upgraded to wordpress 3.4.1 yesterday (not sure if that is a factor)

    Also the articles aren’t searchable but they are still accessible by going directly to them via the URL. e.g If I search fo CVs on the site, I get nothing (“Sorry, but nothing matched your search criteria: cv. Please try again with some different keywords.”)

    But if I got straight to this URL about CVs, the page loads fine

    No idea why my posts aren’t appearing via the categories. I have checked all my posts from the back end CMS and they are assigned to categories.

    Any ideas what is going on?


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  • Just noticed that the new software drop of 3.4.1 was supposed to help with the issues I have above but it seems to have caused an issue I didn’t have before.

    I looked at the release notes for 3.4.1 and it should help with:

    “Addresses problems with some category permalink structures.”

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    What is your permalink structure? Looks like it’s YYYY/MM/POSTNAME (the problems 3.4.1 addresses is more like when you use CATEGORY/CATNAME )

    Have you tried going into permalinks and clicking ‘save’ again?

    I found the root cause of the issue which was linked to the Yoast plugin and the catehory name being stripped from the URL. Once I chose for the category name not be stripped, all the posts reappeared. It doesn’t seem 3.4.1 likes that part of the Yoast plug in. I would rather strip the category name out of the URL but can’t see a way round it currently since I did the updgrade.

    Thank you very much, graduatecareertips !

    I was trying to figure out why some of categories don’t show posts too.

    Well, there’s a lot of work involved if I don’t strip the category, so I think it’s best to ask Yoast to fix it …

    In the meantime, I unchecked Yoast’s option to strip category, and installed this plugin WP No Category Base. Perfect again.

    I had the same problem after the 3.4.1 update, but I found if you uncheck Yoast’s “strip category” box, save, then go back in and re-check the box and save, it will work again.

    See here:

    Thanks, tnwinn !

    It works as you said, and now I can deactivate WP No Category Base, no sense in two plugins doing the same thing. Will still keep it deactivated but not deleted, in case Yoast fails again.

    It has been inconsistent, the problem crops up again, probably with each new post created or modified ? Anyway, it is now best to be more stable, so WP No Category Base comes back in …

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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