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  • I recently migrated a WordPress site from a developer’s local host to a Dreamhost server. Everything seems to be working and updated, but when I go to make a test post, it shows up in the dashboard, but doesn’t post on the site itself. I have made sure all plugins, themes, and wordpress itself its updated. My SQL database has been moved over as well.

    Can any of you think of what the problem could be? Unfortunately I’m relatively new to WordPress sites, so this is quite difficult!

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  • Do you have caching enabled on your site? Have you cleared your browser cache or tried another browser?

    Link to your site?

    I’ve tried clearing my cache and visiting from a different browser, and still no luck. The site is

    I have the same problem. WPyogi’s solution doesn’t work on mine either! Thanks for WPyogi’s help, but does he have any more ideas?
    P.S. This problem occured when another problem cropped up: my words in the view box don’t stay in the box on this one page.

    The most recent I see is Feb. 12 under News?

    Has this worked since you moved it?

    Do you have full admin access? Check under Users – what does it say for your role?

    @sheepdog1 – please start a new thread if you need help – these forums don’t work well to help more than one person per thread.

    I just made the move last week, but I believe the database file I received was a bit old, so that’s why the most recent post is February. So no, it has not worked since I moved it.

    I do have full admin access, and another user who is an editor tried to make posts/add events as well, with no luck.

    Hmm, not good. Did the developer move the site – is he/she still in the picture? Are you missing content (if you got an older version)? That does not seem too great either.

    The usual troubleshooting steps are to deactivate your plugins and reset the plugins folder (using FTP change the name on the plugins folder to something else) and switch to the twentytwelve WP theme – this helps identify whether any plugins or your theme is causing the problem. But I’m kinda wondering about the above first.

    The developer just made the backup for me and I’m working on moving the site. So unfortunately we are missing content, but not too much so I don’t think that will be an issue. They might respond if I contacted them, but I’m not totally sure.

    I will try deactivating the plugins and switching the theme and see what happens, thank you!

    Okay, tried deactivating plugins, no change. When I swithced the theme to twentytwelve and visited the site it looked like this, and no content showed up at all. But when I switched back, content is there again.

    Oh gosh, I’m not sure what to say. You should probably ask the developer and/or open a ticket with DreamHost – they are quite helpful.



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    The original theme appears to be using shortcodes for most of the content. The Latest News one appears to be a shortcode for a custom query. What theme is/was it?

    The theme that they use (not the one I switched to) is called Big Feature

    @wpyogi, thank you for your help! I have opened a ticket with Dreamhost. I have worked with them before and they’ve always been very helpful.



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    That’s a themeforest theme, so you might be able to get more help from

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