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  • I would like to post looks like in some other cms – on firs page I had one paragraph and it’s linked to other page where is full text or picture gallery which is linked to big pics

    this is beacuse I want to be easier to handle to visitors – I post stories with about 10000 or more characters and I post galleries, I would like to put one paragraph or one picture to post and on the end it would be “more” for see whole text or gallery thumbnails and of course, all of this got to be in wordpress

    I sow this on some sites run by wordpress and I now this is possible, but I need help, is that some sort of plugin or it’s build in?


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  • 1. For text. You have 2 options:
    a) when you write a post – you can insert the <!--more--> tag where you want to break the text
    b) to make it automatic, replace the_content tag in your index.php file with the_excerpt.
    (reading: Template_Tags/the_excerpt

    2. Sorry, I don’t use albums… meybe someone else can help.

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