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  • A no-brainer for regular web site development is to create a page, put it into the menu and post content into the page’s subject matter category that I tried to setup in WP. I made a static Home page first with a slideshow. Then I struggled for two hours trying to understand where and how to make new posts (ideas for cleaning tips)appear in a navigational menu page called IDEAS…The page is for cleaning tips only – for specific ideas on cleaning…I wanted to have the client add posts daily and have them posted to Facebook. However, when I uploaded a new image and put that into a post, WP posted all over the site’s pages,


    into the DESIGNATED CATEGORY of “IDEAS” where I had wanted the idea post to appear! Maybe I shouldn’t have used a static page. This is setup like a website though so I need it…

    There’s something I don’t understand in the categories and pages layout scheme. I didn’t want the post to go into the About Us page but it did. I didn’t want it go go into the Maintenance Plans page but it did. I did want it to go into the Ideas page and it did NOT. What a weird coded freakin nightmare WP is sometimes. I thought it would be easier to use than designing my own sites…I question that decision now. It was supposed to have been a time saver-NOT. This is basic navigational page layout scenario. Pages with specific posts. Why is is so difficult?

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    Try reviewing a page of posts.

    I’d need to learn php and write my own code? Not today. Web development wasn’t what I was looking for as an answer to a simple notion of post controls. I search for the key to turn within existing plugins and or the interface of existing WP structures to enable control. The reason I got into WP was so I wouldn’t have to master a dynamic code like php. I understand many code languages but in this case php is my nightmare. Ease of use would be my goal in the use of all things WP. Maybe I’m in the wrong forum. Maybe I should go back to making my sites instead of looking for a prefabricated WP solution. Something so simple shouldn’t be so difficult to enable, should it?

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