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  • Hello to everybody here,
    I just noticed that my posts, post titles (except the 1rst one), and that my sidebar are in italic, but only when I look atthem in the main page.
    When I jump to single posts or to pages the polices are normal.
    This trouble came after I changed the size of some images in my old posts. But I don’t think it has anything to do. Does it?
    I tried to look everywhere in the codes (Style sheet, main template php, Single Posts…) but no way !
    the theme I use, and customized, is called uTheme but I did no child theme. Shame!
    Any one got an idea? Would be great!
    Thanks in advance.

    Hazlo, Painter

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  • Sorry I forgot to give the link to my site :
    Thanks again!

    If you check out the source code for your main page here and scroll down, you will see that:
    a) You have a LOT of validation errors which can cause unpredictable output
    b) Everything is wrapped in <em> tags, which is italics

    As opposed to source code for your single view here which does not wrap everything in the <em> tags

    Many thanks for answering and for caring of my trouble.
    I’ll try some changes with the tags.
    Oops! So many errors!! I’ll need a hole week to fix all that!
    Is there a good plugin that could help? Something to debug, or cleaning the cache?..
    All the best.

    I don’t think there is really much to make the process any easier unfortunately….. just good old hard work

    What I wonder is, where is all this coming from? If you look at your source output there, there are so many em and address lines there. Are those in your theme? Do you put them in? Do they come in from a plugin? Do you paste from word?

    Maybe if we could figure out where the messy is coming from it would help narrow down the trouble

    Hello again. Sorry that I’ve been long to answer. Actually I’ve been fixing some of the errors noted in the Validator report (mainly quotes to cancel). And the blog page worked good again.
    I don’t paste from Word. I have some active plugins but I don’t see anything that could interfer here.
    But recently I tried to reorganize my posts. Maybe this caused the increase of those quotes.
    I will look more often at the Validator report. Many thanks to you for this idea.
    Many thanks for having taken time to help.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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