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  • Hi, I am trying out the spun theme and would like to know if the possible is achievable please.
    On home page I have a post ie Directory, once you click on this post i would like it to then have a sub level which leads to another set of ’10’ post titles, ie yoga, massage, pilates and then when you click on this post it leads you to another set of ’10’ posts which have the actual content. Is this possible?

    I am trying to set it up with 3-4 levels of categories but not sure where to go from there 🙂 thanking you

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    on the above demo the fourth circle which comes up as post format test:gallery is what I am after, can anyone please offer help as to how this is set up

    I understand setting the post as ‘gallery’ but how do i link certain posts to only appear under the main gallery post?

    thanks to anyone you may be able to help

    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    The Gallery will only link to the post’s attached images, not to more posts.

    What you’re trying to achieve would require some pretty advanced coding. You might be able to do it by creating a child theme, and setting up a series of parent pages with child Pages for each of the subsequent posts. You’d need to enable featured images/post thumbnails on Pages, and then create a custom page template that lists any child pages of the parent with featured images and post titles.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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