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    I am manually adding my posts to my pages.

    Only now that I come to update a page, I find that one post has its link disabled.

    I have eight links on a page, and now I have seven on updating.

    Can anybody explain to me what is going on?

    I would like to have relevant posts attached to a page, only it seems I cannot have more than four, five or eight depending on which page these posts are linked from.

    Can anybody help here? Thanks. Gemma

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  • esmi


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    I am manually adding my posts to my pages.

    Can you clarify what you mean by this?

    I have pages to which I wanted to add links to posts that are relevant (= are tagged under the page heading).

    I am adding a html link as in Read more …

    only on updating the page, the link is rendered as

    Read more …

    That is to say, without the link. This means that if my visitors are interested in a topic, they cannot get any further than the page as all the posts have dead links.

    Sorry, the above should read <a href="">Read more ...</a>



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    Can we have a link to this page?

    This page has no working links at all, despite trying to re-insert them.



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    What editor are you using to do this? Are you switching editors at any point?

    This is using the standard WordPress interface for pages. The one you find under “Page”.

    I could use a standard text editor to edit my pages of course, the problem with the links being disabled would probably persist once this code was pasted into he WordPress editor.

    Is there any answer to this problem? All I have had so far are more questions!

    It is not looking very good, is it? The support is only to make you think that there is help available whist not actually answering the points involved.

    Can anybody – saving Esmi – give me a hint as to what I can do about these links that are deadened on publishing my page?



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    These forums are staffed entirely by volunteers – if you need further help, consider hiring someone:

    esmi is one of the most experienced volunteers here and is asking the relevant questions in order to help you solve the problem.

    I don’t understand what you are trying to do.

    On the link to the page you gave the read more link goes to that page.

    What is wrong?


    my problem is that I would like to have posts that match the heading of the page that visitors can access through the navigation bar.

    I tried sorting something out that is automatic – but haven’t gotten around to making up my own page templates.

    In the mean time, I am adding links manually. The problem is that the WordPress interface is removing them once they are published – or when I move from “visual” to “text”. Has this perhaps anything to do with “moderate any comments with more than one link” – only these aren’t comments, they’re fully blown pages. It puzzles me that this should happen, as I could post as many links as I chose when using my hand-cranked html site.

    I will add that I am an active member of several forums and give advice freely – just as long as I can help. I think this needs a little understanding.

    May I point out that the problem seems to be with the WordPress interface – or has to do with some kind of exception that I can manage should I know where the button is hidden.



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    or when I move from “visual” to “text”.

    Aha! That’s the answer I needed to the question I asked earlier! Moving back & forth between Text & Visual will wipe out inserted markup. General rule of thumb: pick an editing tab for a Post and then stick to it.

    And please bear in mind that I do take breaks from time to time. To eat, amongst other things. 🙂

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    Moving back and fourth will wipe out inserted by hand markup. Inserted by the TinyMCE buttons in the Visual Editor mode should be fine. 😉

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