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  • I’ve searched for this but couldn’t find it. I have a new install of WordPress 2.5.1, new database, and no plug-ins other than Akismet.

    Under settings, I set the time for UTC -6. I updated the settings, and the correct time differential shows up on the settings page. However, when I post, the time is still UTC.

    Now, I have reason to think that this is a peculiarity of my host because when I run WP 2.5.1 on my Mac, I don’t see this quirk. Does anyone know what could cause this problem in the hosting environment? My site is at They list their PHP settings here, but I am not knowledgeable enough to see if the solution lies there.

    Alternatively, is there perhaps a file that needs permissions changed in order for WordPress to write to that might cause this problem?

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  • Hi there, not sure if this plugin will help you, but I found it useful while I was using 2.5

    Hope it helps.
    good luck.

    Thanks for taking the time to post that. I know there are plugins, but I actually want to fix the problem, not the symptom.

    WordPress should not be acting this way, but I don’t know where WordPress gets the time information on the posts page or why the UTC setting in the dashboard is disconnected from the rest of WordPress.

    If someone can explain the difference between the two (as in where the code is pulling the information from) I have a better chance of getting my host to fix their server so that it WordPress works, or understand the security concerns that has prompted them to shut down the functionality needed.

    Can you describe where you are seeing the wrong times displayed. In the admin panels? On your blog?


    Hi Michael H. Here’s what is happening:

    On the dashboard page (in Settings) where you set the time difference from UTC everything looks good. I see that the time difference is there and that WordPress has accepted the change (the settings are saved).

    When I write a post or a page, the time that displays when a draft is saved or published (displayed under the Save/Publish buttons) is UTC time. That is the time that the pages/posts are tagged with instead of the corrected time zone (the time that shows in templates or when I edit a post/page).

    I hope that is clearer. I will check back later tonight as I will be offline for several hours now.

    Thank you for your help. I am using the default theme and the only plugin running is Akismet.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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