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  • Tiga is the theme used on my site. Yesterday, I deleted and then reloaded style.php (found on author’s site). Since then, all of the posts, sidebars, and other content appear as they should when the site is viewed by Mozilla, however, the site is incomplete in IE, Safari, Opera. My visitors began reporting problems immediately after I re-uploaded style.php. The author’s site advises making changes to the style in IE as the php generates the proper code by which IE will abide. Then, you are to copy style.php to style.css. I’ve done this (i.e. style.css now includes IE hack) but the content is still unviewable. I have searched the forum, emailed the author, sought IT help and have yet to determine the problem, other than it has something to do with changes I made yesterday, the primary being within the style.php file. Your comments or suggestions on troubleshooting and/or resources for further help are appreciated.

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  • Do you have a link? I get a 404 when going to the one in your profile.

    edit*** Never mind – it finally came up.

    It looks great in FF – very nice theme, btw.

    At a guess, I’d say it’s the tables you have in your 1st post. Couldn’t you make it an unordered list instead?

    Author’s site with author’s help notes:

    My site:

    Why would tables in the first post affect the presence/absence of the Meta side-bar widget, as well as the flickr badge (you’ll note that neither appear accurately or at all but their code is present)?

    I have removed the first post with the lengthy table and still cannot view site properly. Any other thoughts? (I’m dying here)

    Look at these – especially toward the bottom where you have open elements:

    Good point, however, many of those errors come from code that is produced by Flickr when generating a badge for the site. I realize that I’ve got my heels in the ground about validation, but these validation errors were there before yesterday and the site still appeared fine. Do you see any problems with the style reference? Does the IE hack code look right to you? (I know, I know, I need to validate, and I will, I’m just not convinced that every other browser is confused by the invalidations while Mozilla (goddess that it is) is not. Will work on validations.) Please submit any other suggestions. Again, thanks.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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