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  • hi, first time post so please excuse me sounding like a numpty. thanks in advance for your help

    just got the site semi working….its

    there’s 3 of us that want to post blogs.
    set up 4 categories, one in each name and a general category, but all posts are going to general, when we want to be able to select a category

    we have one page as a profile for each of us and an ‘about us’ page which i would like to be the home page.

    how do i set it up so when i post as ben it goes to the ben category?

    how do i set the ‘about us’ page as the home page


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  • i guess i have asked a pretty lame question, just got annoying stuck…..

    You have to manually select the category when posting (or editing a post) from the right hand side of your screen, where it says “Categories” (if you see a + sign on the bar, click it, and it will drop down the list of categories). Likewise, when doing so, you can uncheck the box for “general” which is typically the default.

    You can’t change the default posting category per user, as far as I know.

    “how do i set the ‘about us’ page as the home page”
    This is slightly more complicated, though not impossible. You either need to use the static-home-page plugin, or – depending on the theme you’re using – just save your about.php as “home.php” and it will automatically set a COPY of your about page as the home page.

    Note: the delay in someone answering you has nothing to do with the “lameness” of your questions – however your “bumping” the thread would fall under the category of “lame” maybe… 😉 these forums are supported by volunteers – you need to give us some time to either see your question, and/or find the right answer for you.

    wicked, sorry for the bad etiquette, thanks for your help.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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