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    I created a static front page. Now I want to do regular specific theme ‘topic’ type posting and have the topics appear in the sidebar. I did a couple ‘test’ posts, published them and when I clicked on both category and archives the two test posts appeared from left to right instead of down the page.
    Can you please tell me what I need to do to correct this? Or, what I might have done to create this, so I can undo it. I am new at all this, so if I am too vague, please excuse. Thanks.

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  • moshu


    Vague = no link. Post a live link and people will try to help you, if they can see what you are talking about.



    Moshu, thank you. Link is:
    click on either ‘categories’ or ‘archives’ to see how the two test posts appear on page (from left to right instead of one following the other) Thank, again.



    One error I see is that you have an extra closing DIV tag. Actually, it’s not *extra* – it’s for another div that appears *right after* the closing tag for it. Ahh.. and then you have an extra closing DIV tag elsewhere…

    Look in your source code and you’ll see this:

    <div id="main">

    <div id="content">

    <!-- end header -->

    <div class="post">

    Post title here

    <div class="storycontent">

    content here

    </div><!-- end STORYCONTENT -->

    <div class="feedback">

    </div><!-- end FEEDBACK -->

    </div><!-- end POST -->

    </div><!-- end COMMENTS-POST -->

    <div id="comments-post">

    and yet, HERE is the opening tag for “comments-post” – the tag closing it is *before* the opening one.

    Then it repeats again. The closing div up there is actually closing your #content div – which is why the second post is appearing where it is. It’s no longer within the content area of your page. Then, when it repeats itself, it’s also closing the #main div – thus removing the second post entirely from the flow of content.

    </div><!-- end MAIN -->

    </div><!-- end CONTENT -->
    this one ios actually an extra closing DIV tag that isn’t closing anything at all. With the *two* screwed up posts, BOTH of these clisig tags are absolutely unnecessary – they close nothing because they’ve already been closed in the wrong spot.

    So, basically, you need to revisit your index.php file and arrange your divs accordingly. It’s messed up, unfortunately!



    Thank you doodlebee. I am somewhat lost as to what you have written. (not a ‘techie’ here) However, it does provide me with a starting point as to how to possibly correct the problem. I’ve not done anything previously to the index.php file. I have previously deleted a few things from the theme template. . . trying to delete certain features (comments, date, time, etc) Maybe if I put everything back the problem will correct itself. Thanks, again.



    doodlebee, with the info. you gave me I was ‘finally’ able to get things lined back up properly. Wheee! Thanks!
    All I want to do is to remove the ‘comments’ feature. Don’t want ‘comments’ to show on my static page nor on the posts. Can anyone please tell me which file to remove, and where it is located? Thank you much.

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