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  1. stirman
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Heya, just set up a flickr.com account and hope to be able to post pics to my blog from flickr.

    When I try to blog from flickr, the post shows up in the wp admin interface as published, but it doesn't display on my site, UNTIL I edit the timestamp. I just have to check the timestamp edit checkbox, hit save and the post comes up on the site just fine.

    I'm hoping to go one step further to blog pics from my mobile phone, but if I have to manually edit the post as described above to publish the post it kind of defeats the purpose of mobile blogging, right?

    Any help is much appreciated...


  2. stirman
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Is there anything in WP that would prevent an external site, like flickr, from posting an article?

    If not, why would editing the timestamp make the article suddenly appear in the blog?

    Any help is much appreciated!!!


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