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    I did some research before posting this, and while I found some things on certain categories not showing up I didn’t find anyone with my specific problem. If this topic already existed please direct me there and delete or close this thread.

    I had about 20 or so different categories… one of them had about 184 posts … I decided to merge them all into one category (I renamed it “General”) and that’s the default one, so I deleted everything and all posts successfully merged into the default category, and I can see all posts if I go here:

    However, if you go to the main page:

    Under “Topics,” there’s only Announcements with one single post, and the default category, which is “General,” won’t show.

    What’s wrong?

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  • I don’t have an answer (yet) but what about the rest of the 20 categories? Why don’t they show up?

    What is the template tag in your sidebar to display the categories?

    The rest of the categories showed up when I was actually using them, but then I decided to delete these categories and send the posts to the default category. In the admin panel, it says that this category has 0 posts, when in fact it has over 200.

    Not sure why it doesn’t recognize it.

    This is the tag in my sidebar –

    <!– Begin – Categories –>
    <div class=”left-widget-title”><?php _te(‘Topics’); ?></div>
    <div class=”left-widget”>

      <?php wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=name&optioncount=1’); ?>

    <!– End – Categories –>

    If you saw the main index page you can see that all posts except for one is posted in General. However General doesn’t appear under my list of categories.

    If in the admin shows only 0 (zero) for this category – that’s not good. I assume something went wrong during the deleting/renaming process.

    (I remember a similar post a while ago, just can’t find it – probably worded differently; and don’t remember whether they found a solution or not. Sorry)

    Moshu, can I somehow transfer the entire list of posts to another category without having to edit each post manually?

    I was trying to search for a post I once read here about easy category management, I couldn’t find the simple (and accurate) answer that someone once provided here, I think it may have been you who suggested it.

    That must have been someone else. I don’t know of any “easy” solution.
    On the other hand: don’t you have enough problems with this one move? Why do you want to move them again?

    I am afraid you deleted some categories AND chaged the default cat in the same time. Right? That sometimes ‘confuses’ WP…

    One thought. Check if you have a folder called /cache/ under wp-content. Delete everything from it.

    I added more categories and it now works. You were right though, I changed the name of the category seconds before I merged all the posts there. I’m sure this is what caused the mix-up.

    Thanks for your help.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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