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  • Please put featured images back into export posts. This worked fine in previous versions and now doesn’t included featured images only images in posts. Very annoying having to export everything and import everything, especially when you have a very large database and the import falls over a lot.

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  • It should still be doing that. I did a quick test on my local site and it imported featured images just fine, so long as they were correctly marked as featured (that is attached to the post – as a featured should be).

    It is not. I am running Version 3.2.1 on server and local copy and the xml export of posts per month contains no featured image data as attached to posts.

    This worked in 3.1. I exported new posts every month with no problem.

    This was fixed 15 months ago:

    Are you using the most recent version of the importer?

    I think if you read that post nobody actually confirmed it was working.

    I have the latest importer but the problem is with the export. No featured image information is contained in the xml – I have checked it. You are welcome to examine it if you don’t believe me – I will send you a copy.

    The export of blog posts with a date range has no featured image data. This is unacceptable as previously it worked fine.

    I confirm this.

    Plugin/Tool has no effect on Featured-Image. Tested & retested today several times. No luck!


    I also tried this today with no luck.

    I need the best way to move post from an individual author from a community blog to an individual blog within the same network and a multisite

    Using wordpress 3.3.1 with multisites enabled
    wordpess importer 0.5

    Also – it did not import the image – just the img src but since the image is on the same network thats not a big deal but it is when you are importing from another blog on another network that will be deleted

    Any progress on this? I am scouring the web to find this out… does anybody what is the actual xml element assigned to the featured image?
    What I am trying to do is import a custom post type with featured images. But I can’t even import a normal post with a featured image.

    thanks for the help.

    any movement on this? Having the same problem.

    none than I’ve seen… I noticed is that the featured images are exported as ID numbers as opposed to file urls. Wouldn’t it be better to export them as files?

    The export never exported files. When you run the IMPORT it’s supposed to bring them in.

    It should be noted that featured images, and all attachments for that matter, are only included in a full export of all content.

    If you filter by post type or date it will not include the attachment post entries and therefore not include featured images.

    More details

    I have version 3.4.1 od and the last version of the exporter/importer. I’m trying to move my blog from one server to another. My posts have all featured images that are attached to the posts but when I make the import, the featured images are not there, and I have to add them by hand (I make a full export of all content). Since I have a lot of posts I would like to automatize this. I see more people with the same problem but still don’t see it fixed 🙁

    I hope WP engineers can find the solution

    P.D. I also check “Download and import file attachments” when I do the import

    Same story here, it’s a disaster.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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