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  • Hello José,

    I would like to use your plugin with the 3 vertical column format. Following your instructions in an earlier post on this forum I got my theme’s developer to help me paste in the custom CSS.

    Unfortunately, the text is appearing as stacked and not in vertical columns. What needs to be done? I am not very code literate!

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Jose Luis SAYAGO


    Hi, I’ve already created a stylesheet to do that. Please follow these steps:

    1. Copy all content from this link: slp_threeColumns.css
    2. Open a simple text editor, paste the content there
    3. Save the file into your WordPress active theme folder (/wp-content/themes/YOUR-THEME/), name it slp_3cols.css

    Once you’ve done that, use your new custom CSS stylesheet in you widget or shortcode, like this:

    Set the CSS Stylesheet to slp_3cols
    [slposts ...your parameters... css_style=slp_3cols]

    Please note there is no .css extension added at the end of the filename.

    I hope this helps.

    Sorry but as mentioned in my earlier post the style CSS when installed still shows the posts stacked.

    It was only after trying it as found in an earlier post on this forum that I wrote to you. I have re-checked the code against the CSS of the link you had sent and found it’s the same as what I pasted before.

    If you check the posts on this forum you will see that another person also reported the same problem. Unfortunately, as the question has been posted inside a resolved query, it has gone unanswered. I too, posted my original question there hoping it would be the right place (my first time on a WP forum). Subsequently I posted as a new thread and received your reply.

    Sorry about the long message!

    Plugin Author Jose Luis SAYAGO


    Hi, is there any online testing page where I can see it working? It could be easier for me to give you a better response if I can inspect your website’s code.

    José Luis.


    I was trying to set 3 latest posts to show up on the home page of the demo site in order to send you the link. Unfortunately, after getting the options set for 2 posts (2 columns)I found that the plugin became unresponsive.

    Thereafter I uninstalled the plugin, downloaded it afresh and re-installed it. Thereafter I set the number of posts to 10 and the result is still a stack. Could it be due to the fact that the plugin does not work properly with my version of Word Press? I am using version 3.8.1

    You can see my website at this link:

    Sorry for all the trouble!

    Plugin Author Jose Luis SAYAGO


    Hi, I’ve inspected your website. But it seems the CSS stylesheet is not being correctly loaded, if you open this link: slp_3cols.css?ver=3.8.1 you’ll see your server is unable to find the file where it’s supposed to be. Please check the CSS file is correctly located in /wp-content/themes/childlishly-simple/slp_3cols.css and that it has read permissions (755 ftp).

    Let me know if it works, cheers.


    I will try it out and let you know.

    Thank you.

    Hi Jose,

    Sorry for the belated reply but I was trying to make your widget work. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible to get it to work at present. The developer of the theme which I am using is also unable to understand why it doesn’t work.

    I don’t have direct access to the server on which this demo site is currently hosted. The person who is handling that side of things is very busy and I don’t have direct contact with him. Later we will be moving the contents to another server which I will be handling directly. At that point I will try out your instructions again.

    If you do happen to incorporate this feature into the current plugin I will most certainly try it out! Thank you for spending time to help me out. It’s very much appreciated!

    Best wishes for your future projects,

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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