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Posts don’t update

  • Until a few days ago my website, hosted at Bluehost, updated automatically every time I made a new post. Then I had a problem with the server being unavailable, so I brought it to the attention of Bluehost. They said they’d do something about it. The site was reachable again. I installed WordPress 2.0.5. Now, my site shows up, but it doesn’t update blog posts on the main page (www.mathoda.com). You can see the most current posts if you go to a secondary page (www.mathoda.com/blog), but not at the main page. In WordPress / Options / General, I have not changed the WordPress address URL or Blog address URL, both of which point to http://www.mathoda.com. When I make a post, it does send out a feed, and it does show up in the http://www.mathoda.com/blog directory, but it doesn’t show up at http://www.mathoda.com. Help?

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