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    Something very weird happenend. My blog’s

    posts do not update correctly any more. The only ones that are shown on first page are from May 2005 (!). As you may see.

    And the same goes on with the Administration Panel. By clicking “Manage” there will be shown only (15 latest) posts from _2005_. Thank God, the drop-down list works, so it’s possible to find right (latest) posts and handle them.

    AFAIK, everything else (archives, plugins etc) works fine. The problem is that this index.php (?) file somehow is digging 2005 stuff instead the newest posts. That’s why I had to make a stupid additional link to this 2005 article “Uusin blogini”, just to make it possible to readers to somehow get the right one.

    I haven’t done anything unusual. It just happened one day. And as I’m a poor newbie with PHP, I don’t have a clue how to resolve this problem. So I have to ask to question:

    1. Is there perhaps some individual code file broken?
    2. Is the database somehow broken?

    I would very much appreciate any help!

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  • Goodness, is that really WordPress version 1.5.1? You are a hacker’s dream, my friend.

    It may be hard to get support for this old of a version. And any updates your host might be doing could affect it, too. I recommend you upgrade, upgrade your theme, upgrade your plugins, upgrade it all! And quickly!

    Read Detailed Upgrade Instructions for dinosaur WordPress installs.

    Read this thread, too, as it is a great example of upgrading from an old version.




    your posts are diplaying backwards (so to speak) because you are experiencing this:

    if you want to fix it, you come out the dark ages and upgrade your blog.

    Ya, I’m very aware about the ageness of 1.5 version. But I always kept the old saying in mind, something like: if it make it, don’t break it. Well, now it’s broken. 🙁

    Upgrading had been on my to-do list over one year. Unfortunately, it’s quite a task. I have modified the original default 1.5. theme rather liberally.

    So, upgrading(s) coming. Critical part is the database. Almost 1 500 posts during 5,5 years. I can’t even think of the possibility to lose them. So I have to somehow get certainty to keep them available.

    Perhaps I should first build up this MAMP construction on my Mac — to be sure I can still read the database?

    # And any updates your host might be doing could affect it, too.

    Oh, didn’t know. Do you mean updates of MySQL versions etc?

    One lousy question left. IF the database IS corrupted, there is — in the manner of saving skin — no use of any upgradings, too? Isn’t it too late then — my (new, upgraded) blog has to be rebuild all the way from the start?




    the database isnt corrupted. READ the thread I linked to.

    # And any updates your host might be doing could affect it, too.

    My oh my. So this (from the link)…

    – – there was a report that this problem is caused when hosts upgrade to MySQL version 5.0.51. The problem, a MySQL bug, is fixed in MySQL 5.0.52.

    …means, that the proplem really is my HOST!? They are using this bug version 5.0.51?

    It doesn’t matter if the current problem is your host or not. Any minute now, some hacker is going to come along and inject your blog with porn links or viagra spam or worse.

    Which is worse:

    1) Using the default theme until you can customize it, or

    2) Allowing your visitors to be exposed to malware you allowed to be installed on your site just because you didn’t maintain it properly?

    # It doesn’t matter if the current problem is your host or not

    I think it is. I mean, my biggest fear here was a possibility of corrupted database. To my understanding, and as whooami earlier said, that’s not the case. Without knowing that, I really didn’t know what to do.

    # Any minute now, some hacker is going to come along and – –

    Ya, they pretty much have tried it at least a year. But — if I’ve got this right — because of my WP settings (every post has to be accepted first by me) they haven’t succeed. Yet. The only harm so far has been the extra work to delete all of those spam messages.

    Because of my poor English I’m not sure what you mean in items 1 and 2. My best guess is “hey stupido, wake up!” 😉

    The message being heard. I have played with fire. I’ve already started to prepare that upgrading bisnes, and now I’m only waiting mail response from my ISP (today?). After that it will be done.

    Many thanks to you RosieMBanks; your first message already got my hair up and eyes open. I’ve learned my lesson now. And well.

    Ok, folks. I just got e-mail from my ISP and they confirmed it. They really are using the mensioned bug MySQL version and will update it “when the new version is released”. So it’s still “beta” or something?

    Anyway, they also said that “we’ve heard that upgrading WordPress would fix the problem.” I’ll by that.

    So I guess the problem is resolved, and I can’t tell how happy I am. Many thanks, especially to whooami, who saved my lif… day by telling me this BIGGEST news: that the database isn’t dead and gone. That dropped the ape from my back. Thx!

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