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    I am at my wits end trying to figure this out. I have read through this forum extensively and tried out every suggestion that made sense and nothing seems to change the post order at all.

    I know it is not a plugin issue because I tried de-activating all the plugins and still nothing.

    Here’s the funny thing, one of my sites displays the posts in the right order.
    This is the site:

    So I decided since this site is doing well that I wanted to put it on its own domain:

    It is a 100% clone of the original site except it displays the posts in reverse order.

    I have tried the query strings:
    query_posts("paged=$page&posts_per_page=8&orderby=date&order=DESC"); ?>
    I tried changing the DESC to ASC and nothing happens. I just can’t figure out what it is. If the two sites are exactly the same why are they functioning differently.

    I am having this same problem on all of my sites except that one. Almost all of them use the same template so I thought it might be a problem with the template except that the one site is displaying correctly and the rest are not and I have one site that is a different template and it too is displaying in the reverse order.

    I have tried everything I could think of, even installing plugins that are supposed to let you change the post order but nothing I have tried has changed the post order at all.

    I really need to figure this out because the search engines like sites better when the home page content changes every once in a while and if I cannot figure this out the the home page content will always be the same.

    Since I have been trying to figure this out for weeks with no progress, I would be willing to pay someone to help me figure this out, although I am on a very tight budget and I am very sure it is something very simple that I am overlooking.

    The two dragonfly sites are exactly the same in every way, what could make the one display the posts wrong if it is exactly the same, same code, same template, same plugins, same content.

    Please help!

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  • Deactivate all plugins, change to the TwentyTen theme and see if the posts display in Descending order.

    Thanks so much for the quick reply.
    I had tried this before and it did nothing at all, I was so confused because I was sure it either had to be a template or a plugin thing.
    I decided to try it again and it turned out to be a plugin.
    I am using a ratings plugin called “wp-review site”, when I deactivated it everything worked just fine, but it did not make sense since I am using this plugin on the site that displays the posts in the correct order.
    So I kept deactivating and then activating it over and over again just out of pure frustration, then all of a sudden it worked. There seems to be no reasonable explanation for this at all. Why would it just all of a sudden start displaying the posts correctly just because I deactivated and then re-activated the plugin several times. Makes no sense at all.
    But I guess the the important thing is that my site is now displaying the posts in the correct order.
    Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this before with a plugin??

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