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  • When I first submitted to Google, only the main page, some categories/archives and strangely the Feed pages were crawled. I was wondering why the individual articles aren’t on Google, but later on they were.

    My problem is though, now, after almost a month after the fact, it checked again and none of my articles are on Google anymore. None of the new ones, but the old ones that were there are now also missing. What remains now are again, the main page, the feed page, the categories/archives.

    Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • bump. please help.


    Near as I can tell, Google has you, but you are just dropping quickly in very hot topic areas.

    But if you search for unique phrases from your titles for instance, your site comes up…

    Those are only 2 articles from the site. The other ones from my site used to be there as well, but now all thats left are those 2 new ones I added very recently.

    I did a “site:” query, that is how I know that the previously indexed pages are no longer there.

    Any clue? Thank you very much for any help you can give.

    I see what you mean. There could be number of factors at work here. I see that MSN have got you indexed fully but Yahoo (coincidentally) also don’t. Check the Google webmaster guidelines and perhaps direct your query to their support people.

    Incidentally, your website is not producing valid XHTML markup. While this may not be related to your problem, it’s a problem that should be fixed.

    Thank you for bring that to my attention. Is there a way to contact Google? I am aware they have the webmaster questions database, but they don’t seem to have email contact (understandably so). Or did I not look in the right place?




    Is there a way to contact Google?

    Dare I suggest that you utilize their search engine for that answer? They would seem to be the best ones to look to for that answer.

    I asked that having already tried. I was hoping someone knew of some obscure address.

    I used Google’s webmaster tools and waited, now I may be onto something but I have no idea if this is a WordPress problem or a Google problem (or something else).

    Google logged failed crawls, right now most of my site is missing from Google. The failed crawls are like this:

    with the “iPod-Cool” word added to the end of the permalink. I have no idea why Google’s spider is doing that, since the links on my site doesn’t have that extra “tail”.

    I appreciate your help in cluing me in. Thanks!

    I am having these exact same problems. Out of curiosity, which theme are you using? I fear that it may not be able to find my theme because it pulls the sidebar in the code before it pulls the main page code, meaning it only indexes posts and categories directly linked in the sidebar. While it’s rare, I think I may be running into Googlebot’s character limits.

    There isn’t anything obviously wrong with you site, Yahoo has it indexed so unlikely to be code that’s the problem

    Looking at your backlinks on Yahoo (Yahoo more accurate than Google) shows few incoming link, I see 3 that are not from your domain (not enough).

    Note Google shows a lot less backlinks than Yahoo does, compare the backlinks of on (use search)-

    Google 34
    Yahoo 239

    Although Google only shows about 10% in this case, most of the links shown on Yahoo will count towards Goggle rankings so don’t worry about Google showing a much lower number.

    Google relies heavily on links, if your site lacks links it won’t be indexed long term. What you describe is what I’d expect to see, Google finds your site, indexed a lot of it, but then doesn’t come back for a while and so drops the indexed pages leaving only the home page indexed.

    If this is the only problem gaining links will help keep your site indexed long term.

    to check pages indexed do this search in Google-

    This will list all internal pages indexed, currently your site has just the home page indexed!

    Not sure why you have the “iPod-Cool” added to the end of URLs. Are you using Google sitemaps? If so check it for errors, my guess would be you’ve made a mistake as I can’t see anything in your code to cause that and Google wouldn’t just add it for no reason. Another possibility is another website is linking to you with that type of link format.

    Are your articles unique? If you are copying them from article sites they are highly unlikely to do well long term, too many people use the articles so Google filters most of them out or at least ranks most of them poorly. Articles are great, but unique is the way to go.


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