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  • I’ve found some information but nothing really very helpful on this issue, so I’m coming here for advice.

    My problem is that I have a number of articles in Word format. Don’t worry, I’m not pasting directly from Word to WP. What I am doing is pasting it in a wysiwyg editor, such as Crimson Editor for PC or Komodo for OSX to remove the Word formatting. Then I copy and paste the contents from the editor to WP.

    What then happens is that when I press save, the post is cut off before certain characters such as curly quotes, curly apostrophes, certain hyphens, ellipses, double spaces and most “special” characters.

    I know this is a problem people are having on occasion, and the general consensus is to replace those problematic characters with the standard versions of those characters. That does work but it is extremely time consuming with lengthy posts. Sometimes I’ll finish replacing all the characters I can think of only to paste it in WP and find out there is yet another character it doesn’t like. Rinse and repeat. The Replace All function in most wysiwyg editors helps whittle down some of the time spent, but not much.

    Are there any suggestions, plugins, or software you could recommend to help remedy this burden? I know that WP is supposed to be able to accept text from Word 2007 and above using the “Paste from Word” function in WP’s editor, but this does not correct the problem.

    Thanks in advance!


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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