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  • Hey guys I am still new and just beginning with wordpress, so I hope that you can forgive me my next question. I still don’t understand the post & categories section in wordpress. Can I publish posts just on my homepage? Nowhere else in my menu? Like in my blog, about section etc?

    And categories I don’t get at all what they are there for. Just another way to bring the cogent of your side in form?

    This is my side I am talking about:

    I hope someone can help me, I googled and watched tutorial videos, but now one really give me a good answer. And a solution without changing the code would be perfect, because like I said, just a beginner and don’t want to mess up anything.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Hi redrhino2014,

    Posts and Pages are fundamentally different in WordPress. A page is more for static content that rarely changes (example – an “About” page). Posts are used for news articles, blogging, etc… Just to clarify, when you publish a post you are not really publishing to a location. You are not publishing to the blog page or publishing to the home page. A blog page is simply a container that provides a convenient place to display all posts in one location (instead of accessing individual posts via specific URL addresses).

    For the home page, you have the option to set the entire page as a blog page by indicating Front Page Displays → Your Latest Posts under Settings → Reading. Or, if you use a static home page that supports widgets, you could create a mini-blog container using the “Recent Posts” widget.

    Now, Categories are ways to group similar posts together for organization purposes. Say I run a website dedicated to dogs. I could right hundreds of posts about dogs, but use categories to organize those posts into groupings based on breeds.

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