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  • the_dead_one



    I’ve found a perculiar behaviour and I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not. If it is, I have a fix for it.

    If you have a draft post with the author who is a subscriber (for what ever reason). And then a user who can edit the post goes to publish the post, the edit form will not list the original author in the author options.

    Thereby the original author cannot be set as the author when that post gets published.

    I know that “subscribers” are not meant to have the right to post draft or otherwise. So I don’t know if this is an bug or not?

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  • moshu


    How the subscriber gets into the Write panel? There is something wrong with your setup…



    Hi moshu,

    No there is nothing wrong with my setup. Subscribes can’t get to the Write panel. I have not modified roles or user levels.

    Take this as a practical example. I bump up a user from subscriber to contributor. They write a draft post. For some reason I bump them back down to subscriber again, perhaps he’s only a guest blogger submitting a post for a special event. I then go to publish the post, and I’d like to credit him as the author. But I can’t. Because he’s subscriber, he won’t appear in the author list so I’ll become the author. I could do it via custom keys or manually within the text, I guess, but I’d rather the software handled it automatically.

    Actually, what I’m doing is a non-standard (or non-blog)use of WordPress. See this site (a work in progress right now). There is a category called collaborations (and also downloads). Right now members submit new collaborations by email and we, the admins, post them.

    However, this is a bit too manual and I’d like to allow users to do this via a form. So I generated a form to allow normal users, subscribers, submit a collaboration as a draft post in the collaboration category. This’ll appear as draft in WordPress and me or another admin can then review it and publish it. However, I can’t assign the user as the original author!

    One solution would be to have all users as contributers, however the “write post” form is a bit confusing for adding new collaborations (and downloads!) and I’d rather something a little cut-down and more specific to the point of the post. It’s certainly not going to work for the downloads category as I don’t want ordinary users the power to upload willy nilly.

    So, I’m still trying to figure if this is a bug that I should submit (with patch) or not? Or is this the expected/desired behaviour?




    I see.
    I don’t think it’s a bug. You know as well as I do: subscribers can NOT access the Write panel > so it’s a logical consequence that they do not appear in the “authors” list.

    BTW, this guy is desperately looking for something like your form for submitting:

    Your right. It makes sense that they don’t appear in the authors list when editing a post. However, the consequence of this is that if they *are* the author of a post and an admin publishs the post, it is the admin that becomes the author not the original subscriber author. This is because, the list does not contain the original author and so the UI by default selects the user who is editing the post, i.e. the admin. IMHO the original author should be included in the list, even if they are a subscriber, just so that if the post is published, the correct author is used. I can generate a patch and submit it to the bug tracker and then let it be rejected if it is not a bug?

    Sadly, it is not currently possible to write a plugin to fix this. The only non-hacky fix is to make all your subscribers, contributors. In my case, I don’t want to do that.

    I also discovered that posts marked as draft *and* with subscribers as authors, do not appear in the “other drafts” when an admin goes to the manage posts page. This has to be a bug! The posts are in database, but you can’t access them directly with any of the UI.

    I probaly can fix this too but I can also probaly write a plugin that will display them in their own moderation-like queue.

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