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  • Following from a post I made in the Themes & Templates sction earlier…

    I’m building a club site, and some of the players will be blogging (but not ll) and there will almost certainly be stories bout some of the players (like interviews), but not yet all.

    There will be a WordPress-generated list of players (eventually – see the other thread!), and visitors will be able to click on a name to get a photo & bio about the player, plus any posts they’re made. I’d like to extend that to include any post *about* them.

    If we have a player called Jane Doe, then after her bio there would be a list of posts tagged with Jane Doe, then a list of posts by Jane Doe. The tag name will be the same as the player’s name (and thus the same as the display_name field, makes life easier).

    But what would I need to do to get a list of posts whose tags match the chosen user? I’m guessing at a Loop for the tag, followed by a Loop for the authorship, but haven’t a clue where to start on the former (the latter I have already in my authors.php).


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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