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  • Page was made to catch posted specials. Page entitled SPECIALS. Category on posted special was set at special. Post did not show up on any of the four pages. It’s invisible. WHAT am I missing to get the post to show up on the designated page? Why isn’t it even showing up? The codex is very foggy on how the hierarchy is supposed to work. I have 4 pages and the post doesn’t show on any of them.

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  • Page was made to catch posted specials.

    Exactly what do you mean by catch and how did you make such a page? Did you code your own template? Are you expecting this post to show up embedded on a particular page or pages?

    Catch = container. The post you had found was not even showing up last night…anywhere. Now the desired post appears on it’s own- out of context from the SPECIALS page I wanted it to be in. The post doesn’t appear on any page at all, it’s just there. I don’t get it.

    I did not design the template, since I don’t really understand fully how the mechanics of the hierarchy should interact with a category and page (difficult to understand and deploy in WP- because it doesn’t work for me). However, I will likely have to learn how to build a page container, if it’s possible…To force the items into the actual page at this point, looks like I would have to code them directly into the page, which defeats the purpose of the SPECIALS as a temporary item sale.

    OK, can I assume that, then, you aren’t that familiar with how WordPress works? Posts don’t normally show up within other pages, other than what’s called the blog page or the index page, where you will see a list of post excerpts. If you are familiar with blogs, what you see on the main blog page is a listing of different posts. That’s basically the only difference between a Post and a Page. If you had a blog page on your site, the posts that you created would show up there. You can assign one or more categories to a Post, like Specials, and have a page which displays a list of posts having a certain category.

    If you want to embed a post within another page, you need to use a plugin to do that. I like xili Post in Post. This will allow you to embed, for example, the latest post from a certain category within a page.

    What led me to believe I could manipulate WP was that I’d read articles that you could make WP BEHAVE like a website, instead of a blog. Thank you for the plugin recommendation. I’ll give that a try for the control issue. I’ve seen a lot of posts on this subject but there’s never been any clear answers.. This looks promising. Thanks again…I’ll be back later to post results…hopefully favorable.

    Yes, you can easily create a web site that doesn’t have a blog element to it, just don’t include a blog page. However, there are a lot of opinions that say that having a blog page somewhere on your business site could help increase search engine rankings. I know of a chiropractor who has a blog page as a section on his site, where he posts health tips every so often. Just something to think about.

    I’ve noticed that you’re picking up spam comments on some of your pages. You can tell they are spam comments because the user name links back to some other web site. Spammers post these backlinks in an attempt to increase their search engine rankings. You may want to either change your settings to not accept comments, require that comments be moderated (so you’ll have to approve all comments before they get posted), use a spam filter plugin, or replace the WordPress comment system with something like Disqus.

    Yes, I want to keep the blog on. The WP section of No Bitchin’ Just Fishin’ site was all about the blog for seo. I have discovered some remarkable plugins for seo that are quite powerful. SEO is greatly affected by blogs and other factors, moderated by the plugin advisories. It’s beautiful. Authorship shows up immediately on Hummingbird, as does the newest microdata entries. Jump through the hoops and you get some real results.

    Losers still spamming are just that now, with the new Hummingbird algorithms. I’ve been manually reporting it. In fact, the use of spam tactics is detrimental to the site that still practices that useless game. Losers. I looked into spam moderation plugins but they wanted an api key, which stymied me. I loathe acronyms without explanations- especially those that ask for a credit card and don’t have an explanation of the meanings of api keys.

    The xixipostinpost documentation is about as strange as some of the WP codex so I haven’t taken the time to unravel those mysteries just yet. English language translation lost something. I must try to make the page take the posts somehow…not sure how though just yet. Appreciate the helpful plugin links. Thanks a bunch.

    I do have a chiropractor on board that needs a blog. Thanks. Good idea.

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