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  • One of our bloggers is reporting problems with some of her posts–they disappear, sometimes when she publishes a newer post and sometimes for no reason. It doesn’t happen all the time, and we have other bloggers running blogs with the same configuration (same WP, same plugins, same theme) so I’m not sure what is going on.

    We have analytics data reporting visits to the missing blog post so it does make it to the publish state. Later she went to promote the post on FB and realized it wasn’t around anymore, and it’s not in the wp-admin. I’m asking the server manager to check the database (I don’t have access).

    Normally I’d suspect user error but she’s an experienced WP user–this blog has 2,500 posts. The main thing I want to learn is if this problem has been documented before. Thanks!

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  • Not specifically, no. The most likely cause is database corruption. When were the db tables last checked and repaired?

    I can ask the people who manage this server.

    They have already thought of corruption and repaired the tables, with no change.

    Have you checked to see if this “missing post” is in the database?

    It is not in the database.

    I have been going over the blog database with someone from the server provider and we ended up seeing some really strange entries where it looked like posts were created as revisions of older posts.

    We think the blogger is actually creating and saving a post, then copying the post edit URL into a second tab and “creating” a second post. This of course just overwrites the first post since the URL has a post ID on it after the save.

    We need to confirm that she’s using a tabbed workflow, but we’ve reproduced the problem this way. We’ll see what turns up.

    OK, the blogger has reported she does not used browser tabs in her workflow. She did say she has seen clues that suggest she’s editing an existing post rather than creating new (WP says “post updated” after creating a new post, things like that). Seems like we are seeing old posts being overwritten for some reason, rather than post data simply disappearing.

    New posts are probably being saved as draft revisions whilst she’s still working on them. That’s perfectly normal.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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