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  • Checking in to one of my clients sites today, something strange is going on with the posts, pages and anything in the wp_posts table.

    When I delete a page it then shows the list of pages in the admin with ‘no pages found’. It still shows the number of pages created in brackets at the top, but none of them appear in the list. Posts also disappear at the same time. The dashboard appears to be half there – the entire right hand column disappears. The site was using WP 3.1 when this started happening – I tried upgrading to see if it fixed the issue, but it’s still occurring when pages are deleted. The first few times it appeared to fix itself after a while, but I really need it to not do this at all!

    After a bit of research I took a look at the database in phpMyAdmin – none of the tables appear to have crashed, but I repaired and optimised the wp_posts table and the others anyway. All the posts etc appear to be intact in the database – it’s just not getting through to the site. I checked to see if the host had the minimum requirements for WP 3.2 – all fine.

    I deactivated all of my plugins, but that doesn’t appear to have helped at all either. All the plugins are up to date.

    I can’t find anyone with this problem who didn’t manage to fix it by repairing the database – any other ideas?

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  • I’d try re-downloading a fresh install of WP – my be a corrupt file somewhere in there.

    It was happening with two different versions of WordPress…

    Okay, the issue fixed itself again, but as soon as I edited a post or do anything that would update the table everything disappears again. The site is unusable at this point and I’m getting desperate.

    Anyone? Please!

    Not all files are updated if you use the automatic update, only those that have been changed. You never know, never hurts to try these things.

    Gave it a shot! But still happening 🙁

    Anyone? The hosting company ended up restoring the site from a backup which seemed to fix it, but it’s now broken in the exact same way again…

    Same thing has happened to me. Made minor inline css changes to a page which worked fine. Then when I clicked on an unrelated page the content had disappeared except for an old image we used on a previous release of our website. Very confused as the page looks fine inside the wordpress CMS.

    I think your situation is a little different kevn… even in the backend it was showing 0 posts and 0 pages. I discovered my issue was due to the permalinks being set to /%post-title with nothing preceding it, which is taxing on the sql database and caused it to freak out every so often. It’s all fixed now 🙂

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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