• Hey guys, I’m new to wordpress and I have very little experience coding. My problem is getting posts to show up on separate pages. I’m using the twenty fourteen theme and I want to utilize the featured content on the homepage. I also want to designate each post to a specific page, for example, I have an “international news” page. How do I write an article about “international” news, have it show up on the homepage in the featured content as well as have it show up in the “international news” page? If it helps my site is http://www.worldcuprumors.com

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  • I would suggest you to use categories so that way you can use create WP Queries to return posts of a certain category.

    Thanks, worked like a charm. On a side note I think I accidentally deleted the “uncategorized” page that you start with. It’s the default front page. Is it ok not to have a “home” tab? If you click the site name on my left sidebar it takes you home. But since I can’t figure out how to create a homepage that links with the front page I figure I’d move on without.

    You are welcome! Oh, it is okay if you don’t have a “home” tab since the site logo/name will bring one to the homepage. But keep in mind for WordPress to detect your homepage, you have to go to Settings -> Reading and ensure that the right page is set as the homepage.

    I can test that by searching my site and see what pops up, right?

    As in to see which page displays when I search it

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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