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  • When I’m using polls on my sidebar @, the vote button is defective on my polls from the plugin postpolls. Is their some code I have to insert to fix it. Please help me out thanx. I’m also having some problems with finding places to insert postemail plugin and postratings. I think its something with K2 in the index.php page where there is no place to insert the code. What should I do to fix all of this? Thanx.

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  • k2 is using theloop.php

    ok, so how I can use theloop.php to display polls and postratings plugin? Thanx.

    I think this solves my problem, by inserting the code into the loop, h/o and I’ll let you guys know. Thanx!

    I added it to the loop and it shows up, but for some reason the stars don’t work in postratings, and neither does the vote button at . What do you guys think I should do? Do I have to enable javascript or something to see the dynamic effect of the ratings and polls update like it shows in the demo? Please help me out. Thanx once again.

    Of course you need to enable Javascript in your browser, by default it is enabled unless u change it.
    Your host insert ads into every *.js file and hence corrupted it and that is the reason why it will not work. Basically, your whole site is in a mess, use Firefox load your site and go to Tools -> Error console and you will get what I mean.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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