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    Here’s a theme that uses categories to emulate separate blogs within the same installation. The main page shows each category name (question title) and description, as well as post count.

    Each category is assigned a distinct image and quote so when the archive.php template is loaded, the category-specific image and quote is displayed as a header.

    The design is relatively simple, but easy to read and navigate, which is the goal of this information clearing house site with undated posts.

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  • That is a very interesting application of the WordPress backend. I don’t think I have seen anyone use WordPress to control a clearinghouse website. Nice work.

    Thanks for the comments. I’m something of a Jakob Nielsen disciple so I like to keep my designs simple.

    Publishing on the Net has some peculiarities. Web surfers are hopelessly impatient and want to know immediately what your thesis is. Instead of a heading or link titled: “An investigation of the merits of WordPress” it should read: “WordPress is the best blogging software on the planet” — in your face, up front and direct.

    It’s all about usability. Text should be easily scanned with the human eye (people rarely “read” anything online). Left-justified, 4 to 6 inch wide columns with frequent subheadings generally help. Too many bullets and borders or small font size, on the other hand, are not helpful.

    Here’s a site that practices what it preaches:

    (I have no affiliation with I just like the ideas)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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