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  • Hi,
    I installed WordPress last night, we little or no difficulty. Everything works fine, except I can’t load the post.php file using Mozilla. All other files (menu options) load just fine. All options work perfectly using MS Internet Explorer.
    Mozilla appears to load the file about 2/3 of the way and then crashes.
    Does anyone have any suggestions before I start to wade through 800 lines of code in a language I have no experience in?…

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  • Ok, I duplicated your problem by turning off all the cookes, etc.
    So turn those all back on. And make sure you have the newest stable Mozilla release.
    And out of curiousity, why are you just trying to just load wp-admin –>post .php? Aren’t you just modifying the file using an editor like VI or something?

    I will check the cookies setting when I get home.
    post.php is called by wp-admin/index.php.
    index.php was crashing first… and I traced the problem to post.php.

    Cookies were enabled all along. This must not be it. Any other ideas?

    The problem is fixed.
    I upgraded my Mozilla 2.1 (debian-stable) to Firefox (debian-testing). After the upgrade everything works fine.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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