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  • This has been hanging around since 2.8.x days with others here:

    No one ever really saw a resolution.

    It’s not my plugins, they’re deactivated.

    On posts and pages you cannot pull down the Screen Options, nor any of the Media buttons. With or without the GUI interface.

    Upgraded to 2.9 this morning and the issue is still present.

    On other screens like the dashboard things are working as normal (screen options drop down, can move dialogs etc)

    Looking for new solutions, and again, this isn’t about a conflicting plugin or about the media uploader stalling. This is about media dialog never even launching.

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  • Another byproduct of this issue is you cannot enter tags correctly. When you type in that dialog space it just types over the text that is there. To add tags you have to do it in quick-edit outside of post.

    Do you have any popup blockers or non-default/standard extensions/addons installed in your browser?..

    Have you tested other browsers, or from another computer?..

    Yep, I host about 30 wordpress installs and this is the only one showing this behavior. It does it in Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

    So what differs?..

    There must be some unique difference in this one installation, if the other blogs remain uneffected.

    Turned on debugging? .. might yield some useful information of a deeper problem (it also may not).

    I also have this problem, how to solve it

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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