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[Resolved] Post/page HTML copy/paste problems

  • I’ve set up WordPress multi-site and some of the users aren’t able to add html/embed code into post/pages. When they try to save, it doesn’t take (one has said he’s using Chrome).

    Not sure if this is multi-site or something new.


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  • This is multisite. Only Admins can add in embed code. There’s a plugin out there that will let people do it, but also you can use oembeds instead.

    I just set up a site and network (3.0) and just got to starting the first network blog created for myself and for testing purposes . . .

    am no expert but guess the use of tags is restricted on network blogs to simple ones like <a href and some others for security reasons and well I guess that makes sense . . .

    although I was shocked at first when it seemed that me and future other users would not be able to for example embed a youtube clip . . . <object embed code completely gone after saving a post but as for this I found an even easier way to include youtube clips . . .

    copy and paste the link to the youtube clip page . . .

    and that’s it . . . no need to even define it as a link just copy and paste it as regular text via visual or html post editor to the place in the post where you want the clip to show up – downside of it is that users can’t define the display dimensions of the clip . . . only tried out one theme yet where the default clip dimensions the ‘system’ seems to chose are okay with the layout of the theme . . .

    (I think there’s some setting in the main admin about “always try to convert links” or something so maybe this needs to be switched on for the above to work but I think it is switched on by default so this should work and at least for me as a newbie this solved a problem so I mentioned it as for youtube clips)

    That would be the oembeds I mentioned. They’re meant to do that 🙂

    cool 🙂

    after fooling around with dolphin 7 and almost dropping the whole community aspect for my site I am so completely thankful for wordpress 3 with multisite integration since it well just seems to work . . . so I am also eager to learn the terms . . .

    . . . even the automatic update to 3.0.1 I did an hour ago seems to have worked the site shows up just like before . . .


    will keep track of my hacks though from now on


    Thanks, guys.

    So the network admins are the only ones that can use straight embed codes on subsites?

    If so, what plugins do you recommend?

    Moderator Andrea Rennick


    I think that one still has some restrictions. You definitely shouldn’t let any ol’ person sign up and start popping in any script they want. if you’re on a closed signup situation with trusted users, then yeah. Go ahead & unfilter.

    Thank you for the plugin information.

    I have two people set as admins for subsites, but it seems they are unable to embed.

    Do they have to be admins for the entire network?

    Since the first line of the plugin says ‘Unfiltered MU gives Administrators and Editors the unfiltered_html capability. ‘ … yeah.

    Right, but if we don’t use the plugin, admins have to be ‘superadmins’ in order to embed?

    Admins for specific sites can’t embed?


    Since the plugin says that it gives Admins and Editors the capability, one should logically assume that they do not otherwise have access 🙂

    Everyone can use oembed, only Super Grove- Super ADMINS can use embed code.

    Got it. Just seems silly admins for subsites only can’t embed.

    Thanks for your help!

    It’s a security feature 🙂 If you have an open registration blog, some morons like to embed stuff you don’t want.

    As we mentioned many times, WordPress would rather you use oembeds.

    Read http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds and then these plugins http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tags/oembed if you need more 🙂

    Moderator Andrea Rennick


    Just seems silly admins for subsites only can’t embed.

    Until you realize that if you have a site with open registration, then anyone can come along and embed a script to do something silly like drop tables.

    Thank you everyone.

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