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  • Hi

    I am a web designer and have always used Joomla as my CMS framework for client’s websites but as WordPress seems to be the buzz word for CMS I thought I would start to learn the system.

    Is it really the case that you cannot change the font, font colour and other things using the default editor. And the only option to change the font type for example from Arial to Times New Roman is to do it in CSS or HTML? Because if this is the case it makes it extremely limited in its role as CMS for end user clients who want to be able to edit their own content and change fonts and colours of their fonts/text. My end user clients do not know CSS/HTML because if they did then they wouldn’t need me.

    Joomla’s default editor allows the admin of the site to do all of what I described above straight out of the box and I took it for granted that WordPress would do it too.

    Can someone either confirm or deny this is indeed the case and if it is this way is there a suitable plugin to give a better user friendly editor that allows control over the font type, size, style, colour etc? I have tried finding a suitable plugin myself but so far the offerings I have tried have been poor.

    Thanks in advance for any help/clarification.


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  • Last time I looked, Joomla’s default editor was TinyMCE, the same editor that WordPress supplies as default. It’s likely that some of the alternative editors available as Joomla extensions are also available as WordPress plugins.

    I have tried the likes of Advanced TinyMCE plugin for WordPress and as much as it allows one extra thing being able to change the font size in pt’s such as 12pt, 14pt etc it still doesn’t allow the end user/editor to pick from a selection of web safe fonts like the various editor extensions in Joomla allow you to do.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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