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  • Hi there-

    I have what seems like it should be an easy question, so I feel a little silly asking, but I honestly can’t find the answer after hours of looking. Hoping someone here can help me out. 🙂

    How do you align objects simply in a page or post? This could be photos, videos, widget embeds, etc. It seems that no matter what I do, everything seems to line up to the left. If I have two or three objects that would easily fit across the width of the page or post, I would like it to be able to do that.

    I tried DIV tags, aligning left, etc., but no no avail.

    I’ve also tried tables, and that sometimes works okay. With my most recent issue of trying to embed Kickstarter project widgets, these really ugly scrollbars show up. (Edit: Well, that was happening before… now only one of the widgets will show up – the second one is gone altogether. :/)

    I installed the Easy Columns plugin, which made it a little prettier, but the scrollbars still show up.

    I’m sure I’ll still be messing with it, but the page I’m currently working on is

    Any suggestions/thoughts/ideas how to proceed? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and best wishes,

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