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  • My page attributes box is disappearing from my dashboard when I go to create or edit a page or post … and let me clarify, YES I have made valid template files, and have been using them and they were working fine. But suddenly the entire attributes box is missing …. in fact, sometimes, if I reload the page, it will actually appear for a split second, then vanish. Anyone else experience this, or know what could be doing this?

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  • I checked the source code, and the attributes box is there in the code, with a “hidden” display attribute … I just can’t figure out why it would suddenly stop working – nothing was different … frak me!

    Upon upgrading from 2.7.2 to 2.8.2, I was having the same problem.

    The culprit, in my case, was PodPress.

    The same thing has just happened to me! It was working yesterday and now suddenly no Page Attributes box at all. I have disabled all plugins & am running the latest version of WP (2.8.4) help!

    upon further investigation I can see that the html for the box is still there (div id=”pageparentdiv”) but being set to display none by {display:none;}

    I am having the same problem. Checking and unchecking the Attributes checkbox in the Screen Options panel has no effect. The setting of the checkbox is remembered, but the attributes panel does not show up.

    Here is what I’ve found: This does not affect Administrator accounts. The Attributes panel shows up when checked for Administrators, but does not show up for other non-admin users.

    Can anyone else confirm this behavior?

    More info: I added the Capability Manager plugin to see if I could restore this option. It turns out adding the “Manage options” capability gives the user the ability to change Page Attributes.

    My page attributes are also missing. I am attributing this to the Flutter plug-in (though I am not entirely sure).

    Same problem as others:

    <div id=”pageparentdiv” class=”postbox ” style=”display:none;”>

    I found this resource and tried to run the SQL query, but no dice. Perhaps I just did it wrong. Ideas:

    Happened to me yesterday (only the main administrator account is affected – the other user I created still works properly). Does anyone know, just offhand, which php file this is controlled by? I can certainly re-code it (and maybe see what caused this), but I haven’t had a chance to figure out which file it is yet.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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