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    So, I just recently switched my website from postnuke over to WordPress. As part of the process, I wrote a simple PHP script to convert all of the entries from the postnuke site over to WordPress. Although postnuke is a pretty heavy-duty CMS, there might be a few people out there who will make the same switch, so I decided to clean up the script a little and post it on the site for anyone who needs it. You can get it here. I put it under the GPL, so you can probably use it with no worries. If you do use it, send me an email or post a comment or something. I should add that it would be generous to say that I’m a novice at PHP. I’m sure there’s plenty I did wrong writing the script, but it works (for me), and that was enough.

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    Erg… that’ll teach me to paste relative links! It’s actually available here 🙂

    here ya go
    going to test this sweet stuff !

    I have two questions here for you,
    1- Why anyone wants to convert post nuck to wordpress? ( post nuck has way more ability and much more scurethen wordpress)
    2- Lets say some one wants to do that by converting you mean transfering the news? or Whole thing like admin functions and Templates?

    1- for sure postnuke is more secured but sometimes simplicity is the best solution so people may choose wordpress

    2- most important part is converting user accounts i think..

    post nuke secure? since when?

    at least more secured than phpnuke, true?

    Hi, I’m trying to use this converter, and it doesn’t appear to work. I’m working from a fresh WP database. The script adds categories correctly, but doesn’t seem to add the posts. I get a display of all my PostNuke stories, with the phrase “Just inserted ID” interspersed. But the destination wp_posts table is unaltered. Also unaltered is wp_comments, wp_postmeta, and wp_comments. The only tables that seem to have things added are wp_post2cat and wp_categories.

    Obviously, I’m using wp_ as a prefix here.

    i was wondering does anyone still have that converter?

    The script adds categories correctly, but doesn’t seem to add the posts.

    This is happening to me, too. 🙁 Anyone have an idea how this can be fixed?

    Or…is there a way to just import a tab-delimited text file into WP?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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