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  • Hi everybody, I’ve dug up this useful plugin with some additions.
    As I’m working on a website using WP as a pure CMS, I come up with the need of let my customer reorder posts (possibly with drag&drop).
    So, after some time spent with google, I was about to give up when I thought to the cool pageMash plugin ( I was using for reorder pages, and so I searched and found postMash (and then postMash filtered).

    As more than a year has passed from the last update, I think that is a dead project and so, instead of make a request to the author, I’ve added some useful (to me, at least!) features:

    • 1) modified css to show a “move” cursor on each draggable item
    • 2) removed template usage instructions as they are no needed anymore
    • 3) Added a translation domain: now postMash can be multilingual. There’s a new folder called “lang” with the .po file and italian translation .mo file.
    • 4) Added compatibility with qTranslate: if you have installed and activated qTranslate (, postMash show only post titles in the current language
    • 5) removed the need to modify template for custom order to work. Now it works by default.

    If the author of the plugin would include these changes and release an official update I’d be happy. In the meanwhile, those interested in this version, can download it from here:

    It works on WP 3 like a charm.
    But beware
    : no intense tests were made. It works for me and that’s enough for now. So prepare to look in the code if something doesn’t work for you.
    Beware #2: menu_order is a property of post itself (used by default on pages but not on posts), so if a post belongs to more than one category, you cannot define more than one custom order. Furthermore, if you have some posts that have to mantain the default date order (like posts in a NEWS category) you have to change template and set the cronological order manually before print this posts out
    I think that enabling per-category order, needs a new table in the db with post_id, cat_id, order and a filter to the WP query

    Clearly it costs nothing to ask to me for some help, I’ll try to help you if I can.


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  • I downloaded your version and I got a little further than the original plugin. However, I’m still unable to actually drag and drop the post order. When I active the plugin everything seems to work, in fact, the posts reorder themselves via the plugin list. The mouse shows the ability to drag and drop but I can’t grab anything to move. The toggle and edit button work however.

    Any thoughts.

    Hello kevin,
    which version of wp are you using? which browser? Can you notice any Javascript errors?
    I’ve tested the drag&drop on firefox, chrome, ie8 and safari and it works right. Please doublecheck js console. It could be an incompatibility problem between plugins and their js calls.

    If you can, try to disable all other plugins just to be sure if we have to search for the problem elsewhere.


    I’m using the latest version of WP 3.0+. Browser I was using was Firefox, the latest. I will disable some of the plugins and see what that does and report back. Thanks for help.

    Just to say that there is a well-coded plugin that can order posts (both on user side and admin side) and it supports custom post types, multilanguage and uses jquery:

    It doesn’t have a category filter (yet).

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