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  • Hi All-

    I have been using the Postlists plugin to display list of posts that I have made in certain categories. For example I am using the phpBayLite to create about 20 posts that display eBay auctions on them. These posts are all listed into one category and I display this category using postlists plugin in my sidebar.

    Here is an example site look at the side bar under “Hot Deals”

    I was using postslist to generate this list. It was the best. I could just set up my postlists configuration and then place the tag into a widget and boom I had a complete list of all my posts in that category. I was doing this with wordpress 2.6

    Then I just downloaded the new wordpress 2.7 and can no longer find where to access or configure this plugin. In WordPress 2.6 you go to the manage tab and then the postlists sub menu. However in 2.7 I can’t find anything like the manage tab.

    Can someone help either suggest a new plugin that could do the same thin or help me figure out to to access and configure the postlists in wordpress 2.7?


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  • Never mind dumb me. I found it. Just in case anyone else has this same confusion just go to the Posts menu on the left sidebar and then drop it down with the arrow and postslist should show up towards the bottom.

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