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  • Hey guys,

    When I paste in a WP link (of a post) into Facebook, it shows a bunch of gibberish coding in the article summary, rather than a summary from the page it self.

    Have a look:

    I tried deactivating WP Polls, and Google Analytics – still no luck. Not sure why this could be happening. =(

    It was working fine yesterday morning, but for some reason it just started acting weird.

    Yesterday however (it was working fine during this time), I added in the Google Analytics code into header.php directly before the </head> tag…. so maybe I messed something up while editing? I doubt it though, I’ve done it before many times and its pretty simple – right BEFORE the closing </head> tag.

    can someone please help me if they know whats going on?

    My facebook page is … you’ll be able to tell also that images from the post aren’t showing in FB, so I have to resort to using the default pics on my page….

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Any one have an idea on whats going on?

    Is it my site, or Facebook?

    anyone….lol ?

    try deactivating the facebook plugin
    then re-activate

    I dont have a facebook plugin on my site 🙁

    Hello everyone,

    I’ve tried deleting the theme, and re-installing it…. but still no luck. Albeit, I just did this through the WP-Admin console, and not on the hosting server (incase any files were left behind).

    Can a WP genius please help me here if they have a clue or any suggestions on what to do?

    Could it be that I’m missing some coding in the header or index php files?

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