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  • I have set up my wordpress site to receive email blogs (

    I have set up an iframe html tag in the footer page to check for emails

    It works fine, except that no text from the email message shows up, the email subject goes in as the title of a new post, but nothing else. The actual post should take its content from the main email message body (?)

    the email I have set up for blogging is a gmail one

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  • If you don’t get there using the in-built functionality, check out

    I’ll admit the plugin may be a bit bloated for just emailing…. unless you actually (like myself) decide you like a lot of the features

    But the benefit here with the post by email is that you get a random email address assigned, it’s well integrated with WP, and there is some pretty cool shortcode support for styling things directly within the body of the email

    that is brilliant, JetPack has been sitting there on my installation, but so far unexplored, now I have activated, authorized and updated it, there are some very useful tools in the pack – thanks for your advice

    sure thing! they just added in the email, and the photon feature – which is very cool!

    well!! I have set up email posting with the JetPack plug-in, the settings say it is connected to WordPress, but my test emails are not showing up on my blog and I have not received any notification emails about the email postings

    just looking over instructions again, not quite sure what this means and if I’ve done it, how do I find out?

    2.Make sure that your user account is connected in

    For Jetpack to work it needs to be connected to a account when you go to plugin you will see it green bar to connect to If you do not have one you can signup at

    in JetPack>Settings the green bar does state that I’m connected to

    but no email posts appearing!!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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