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  • Hello everyone. I’ve been banging my head over this for days. My goal is to be able to email photos from my phone that will be automatically be posted to a particular category of my blog.

    I’ve read through the codex guide and have checked my configuration many times over, yet I have yet to see anything posted. The email address is a gmail address with pop activated. My mail server is set to ssl:// with port 995. My log in name is the full email address including the I have the iframe script in my footer.php file (although it returns a 404 error unless I remove the wordpressinstalldir/, which is confusing if that is what I should be doing as it is not specified anywhere). Running times out and then the second try returns: “Slow down cowboy, no need to check for new mails so often!” which is like a slap in the face when you’ve spent hours trying to configure something and you’re trying to test it. “Um, yes, there is a need. I’d like to figure this out so I can sleep… cowboy.”

    I’ve spent several hours reading through posts about this and was unable to find anyone offering a surefire solution that others were able to verify. This kind of stuff blows my mind – like the fact that wordpress’s visual editor still has spacing issues. Surely with all the incredible minds that combine to make wordpress as awesome as it is can come up with a better/easier way to make a simple task like posting via email happen for the average user. My friends at have no programming experience whatsoever but have their blogger site set up so that hundreds of their friends can post photos daily. Why is this so complicated on wordpress?

    If anyone can help me out with this, I’d reallllly appreciate it.

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  • Same with me… I follow all instructions allready but nothing happen.

    Hope… somebody can tell us.

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