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  • Microsoft Word is a word processor. It is not a “text editor” in the strict sense. Do not write a post in Word, and then cut/paste it into the Write panel in your blog. Bad things will happen. Mean, nasty, evil, horrible things will happen. You will lose all of your hair, and you will grow a wart on your nose. Your dog will have 24 puppies and your cat 11 kittens. Your new “goldfish” will turn out to be a pirhana and will eat all of the other fish in your aquarium. The letter carrier will bring you twice as many bills, and you will be forced to use Windows95 on a Pentium II 333MHz with a 13" monitor for the rest of your life.

    A meteor will crash through your house, burning it to the ground. The space rock will wind up in your neighbour’s yard, and she will claim it as hers and will sell it to a university for $100 000. She will use part of the money to successfully sue you for the pain and suffering she had to endure because your burning home nearly burned down her home.

    Your insurance company will declare the meteorite incident as an “act of God” and will not pay to rebuild your house. The bank will foreclose your mortgage and demand payment in full. Since you will be late to work the morning after the incinceration of your house, your boss will decide to use that as an excuse to fire you and hire his cousin’s brother’s uncle’s sister’s grandmother’s paperboy to do your job. Your credit cards will be frozen when the companies learn that you are unemployed, and your automobile finance company will repossess your car.

    Penniless and desperate, you will find your computer skills will be reduced to being “the one that can fix the till” at your local Golden Arches restaurant, where you will by terrorized by your shift supervisor who is 15 years your junior and who has to have her mom drive her to work because she’s too young for a driver’s licence.

    So, that is, in a nutshell, why you should NEVER EVER write a post using Microsoft Word and then cut and paste it into WordPress.

    Oh, and a big, cranky, glow-in-the-dark ungulate might pay you a visit, too. 🙂

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  • I am totally going to do this right now in order to claim the movie rights.

    What about people commenting….what if they copy and paste from Word into the comment window? We cant hardly stop that, so I hope it does not have the same adverse effects. Which by the way, I wish you would specify…what exactly is the harm inflicted? It most be the alien formatting, but what exactly happens.

    @userx, if a commentor writes/cuts/pastes from MS Word; then you’ll have the same issues. Word likes to convert double hyphens, apostrophes and quotation marks (possibly others as well) into Micro$quish’s “pretty format” which changes the encoding on those characters and hence they don’t display correctly once they’ve been posted.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Harm – validation breaks, formatting may look wierd
    Same would happen in comments.

    Do any changes to a .php file with MS Word and your site will break. Completely. (until you replaced the original file)

    And the bit about the ungulate ? Oh yes, that’s still true.


    It sounds like we are talking apples and oranges.

    If the person is using Word or any other word processor to create code, then they are in for some problems without serious customizing their word processor (see below). And NEVER use Word’s (et al) save as or export as a web page and put that code anywhere, especially in a web page of any kind, without major cleaning and rennovation. It’s horrid.

    But simply writing the post and then copying and pasting it into the Write screen, if done right, why not? After all, WordPress does not include spell check, though I’ve heard there is now a spell check plugin but it doesn’t work for everyone, and spelling is one of my biggest whines about blogs, and web pages in general.

    For those, like me, who write their long posts in a word processor, and you have a word processor, like WordPerfect, that allows you to customize the snot out of it, you can do this.

    Turn off all quick correct spelling fixers and changers that will influence your code. In WordPerfect, this is found under Tools > Quick Correct and Quick Words. In Word, Tools > Auto Correct Options. Specific items to turn off:

    * Turn off Auto hyperlinks

    * Stylized normal open and closing quotes to generic quotes (stylized means the ones with curlies opening and closing around the quoted material – you want the straight up and down ones)

    * Stylized single quotes changed to straight apostrophees

    * Hypen codes to plain dash (Control+hypen creates it for me)

    When writing the post, make sure there is a space (line break or hard return) between paragraphs if you like that kind of spacing, avoid use of tabs, and make sure your html code within your post is clean, well-written, and contains no curly quotes.

    I’ve been doing this for years so I can ensure my articles and posts are spell checked and, if necessary, grammatikally purfect, and then pasting them into the html page or post. But you got to make sure you fix the boogers first.

    I’ve written posts in MSWord before, and I never had any meteors crashing down on me. However, it might be because I don’t copy from Word and past directly into WP. I always made a stop in Notepad first to remove all those extra formatting issues. Actualy, if possible, I write it in Notepad, paste it into Word see if any unnecessary red squgglies show up and if not, then paste right into WP. For the most part, that works for me.


    Experience tells me that you are the exception to the norm. Your comment of “if done right” speaks volumes.

    Lorelle makes an excellent point about spellchecking, which more people ought to do more often. Surely as long as you have the sense to save your Word file as .txt before re-opening, cutting and pasting it there will be no terrible consequences?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I <3 WP editor 🙂

    When you start supporting people and trying to help them sort out things, only to find out that they unknowingly used a word processor which caused the problem, then you will understand why I made the post that I did. Personally, I don’t care if you use chalk and slate to write a post. However, if I can try to use a small amount of humour to illustrate something that may save a few headaches for everyone involved, then I will do it. If you can’t resist pedantic tendancies, fine, but your comments will carry a lot more weight with me when I see them in the context of helping people rather than the holier-than-thou tone in which they are currently presented.

    While I understand the basis of this post…I’ve had errors occur during posting when I’ve typed my post right in the admin panel, which I find terribly ironic.

    No denying that it happens. That said, there is no reason to introduce the possibility of errors when there are simple, effective, and free solutions available to minimize this sort of problem.


    It’s already been said, but I also stick my hand up in class and say “No miss”.

    The closest I would allow Word (or any other editor that was not straight/plain text) would be as a pre-amble to a plain text editor.

    In other Words (marvellous pun eh?) if I were worried about smelling, becuase I knew I was likely to need some smelling support, for example when an artikle includes some complecs words that I am less familliar with, then yes, I might use Word for the first stage. But I would always paste into a plain text editor, then select-all-copy-paste from the plain text editor before I pasted into the post (which sounds like a rhyme: Peter pasted into the post {and picked a pepper?}).

    Sorry if a little flippancy mixed in with my strong rejection of Word-to-WP posts annoys – please accept my apologies for flippancy low calorie humour .

    If all you are using Word for is a Spellchecker; then you should consider using Firefox as your browser with the SpellBound extension.

    Actually, Dear Moose man, I adored your wonderful monologue because it created a fabulous and much needed dialog.

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