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  • I’m trying to set up a store for a site running wordpress. I want to be able to add new content to the store section in the same way I add posts to the index.php page. I know it’s been discussed before but how would I post new content to a page other than index.php from within WordPress? Thanks for any help.

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  • You need The Loop
    Make sure also to put this at the top of the page you’re using it on:
    require('./wp-blog-header.php'); in the php code at the top of the page

    Thanks Ryan. I’m already running wordpress for the main page of the site. If I add the loop to the store section as well and include the proper code this still won’t let me add content through the admin section will it? I figured the only way to have 2 blog like sections on one site would be to add another database and all the WP files to the store directory.
    Let me know if I’m wrong.

    You could make a few new categories that will only be used for the store blog and then use a the_loop call and Kitten’s show categories plugin:
    Thus you can use the same wordpress installation, the same database and the same admin for two “different” blogs, each with their own, discrete categories.

    Found this thread on a quick search. Trying to do something similar with occassionaly foreign language posts which are convenient to do through the admin, but out of place showing on the index.php.

    Seems Kitty’s plug-in page has moved with some forwarded files, but this plug-in is not one of them; can’t seem to find her contact info either.

    Anyone have a copy of that plug-in and know if it works properly on the current revise (1.2.2)?



    I also need Kitten’s “Show Categories” plugin but cannot find it anymore. Could you maybe e-mail it to me, at kordwarshuis(AT)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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